Up to 0.38% hourly
9% daily for 25 days
Up to 550% at the end
after 40 days
5% for partners
+ 1% for second level
Welcome to the website of Positive Trade INV Limited!
Stable and highly productive platform for receiving passive income

It is here, on the company's financial platform that you can earn money by investing by own and raising additional capital through the partnership rewards program. We have prepared for you the most stable and highly productive scheme for generating passive income, which does not require any additional knowledge or some actions from your side - you just need to make a deposit so that our team multiplies this amount and pays you a fixed profit on an hourly basis. The Positive Trade offer will be interesting to both beginners and experienced investors due to the safe and well-functioning work of the currency and stock market traders.

Multicurrency Depositing and Instant Payments
These are key features of working with Positive Trade. With the confident development of cryptocurrency as a payment method, in addition to classic payment systems such as Perfect Money and Payeer, you have the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum. We also guarantee that any your request for withdrawal of profits will be processed without the slightest delay and will instantly go to your e-wallet, regardless of the currency you use.
Affiliate Program
If you are an experienced online entrepreneur, a blogger or a representative of popular Internet resources, Positive Trade partner offer is designed for you! At your disposal is not only a link for an invitation to register, but also the most complete set of animated banners that will undoubtedly draw attention to our website and investment proposal. Anyone who signs up on your link and makes a deposit will bring you a guaranteed reward of 5% of this amount! Additionally, you will also receive 1% of the deposits of referrals second level. Participation in the affiliate program is available to you even if you are not an active investor - this is an excellent opportunity to make money without your own deposit!
Dedicated Server and Strong SSL Encryption
Protection of your personal data and financial assets ranks first in importance for Positive Trade. We have no right to let you down and lose your trust. That is why we use expensive dedicated servers and IP addresses to host the website and its mirrors, and also implemented secure SHA-2 SSL encryption and an extended validation certificate with a green address bar on the site. Please pay attention to the address bar of your browser at each visit - this is a guarantee of the safety of your stay on the Positive Trade platform. Providing maximum security for your personal data and monetary assets, we will become a reliable partner for many years!
What profit can I expect?
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Questions & Answers
Tell us briefly what your company does?
First of all, the company is actively involved in multi-currency trading, besides that we are developing an investment direction.
Who can be your investor and what do I need to do for this?
We have maximally simplified the process of earning - anyone can join, for this you only need to have a deposit of at least $25 and you should aim for passive income.
What is the difference between accruals every hour and at the end of the term?
If you choose a plan with hourly accruals, you can request withdrawal at any time, once your balance is $1 or more, in the second case the withdrawal of profit will be available only after the end of the investment period.
How often will I make a profit from my deposit?
According to the rules of the investment platform, your earnings will be accrued every hour for the next 25 calendar days or once at the end of the selected period.
Many investment projects are paid in manual mode. How do you process withdrawal requests?
Unlike other projects, we process all withdrawal requests automatically and instantly - the company tries to meet all your expectations!
What are the benefits of your affiliate system?
We offer a two-tier affiliate reward scheme: your referral commission from any deposit is 5% and 1% depending on the level of your referral.
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